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H.M.S. Beagle Science Club Archive

Past programs and materials are archived here. Take a look at what you missed, or find additional resources and information.

Science Club: 2013

January: World Geography
February: The Biogeography of Africa
March: Weather and Geography
April: Microscopes & Microscopy (How to use a Microscope)
May: Archeology
June: Codes
July: Rockets & Rocket Science

Science Club: 2011

January: Robots! ( Meeting Summary )
February: What's the Matter with Gas? ( Meeting Summary )
March: Our Weather: The Science of Snow
April: Simple Machines
May: A Walk in the Woods
July: Rockets
August: Reptiles
September: The Sun

Science Club: 2010

January: Explorations in Electricity with Steve Siegel ( Photo Archive via Facebook )
February: Explorations with a Microscope ( Meeting Summary )
March: Our Weather: Managing Floods ( Meeting Summary )
April: For the Birds! ( Meeting Summary )
May: What Is a Fossil and Why Don't We Find Dinosaur Bones in Missouri? ( Meeting Summary )
June: Primates! ( Meeting Summary )
July: The Science of Rocketry ( Meeting Summary )
August: Archaeology ( Meeting Summary )
September: The Ocean ( Meeting Summary )
October: Spooky Science! ( Meeting Summary )
November: Winter Wildlife ( Meeting Summary )

Science Club: 2009

Science Club: 2008


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