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Star Hopping Workshops
None are scheduled so far for 2014.
Weather dependent: check with us if you see clouds!

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Star-Hopping Workshops at H.M.S. Beagle

General Event Information

Turn Left at Orion, right at Betelguese, up a bit at Spica, then over at the hard shoulder outside Whitstable. Can't miss it.Hosted on alternating months at H.M.S. Beagle, these workshops help to instruct beginning telescope users in the art of star-hopping, or how to find faint night-sky objects by moving to them from bright ones, as exemplified in the book Turn Left at Orion. Within a few short hours, you will have learned how to use the signposts in the sky to help you to find some of the more elusive and amazing sights in the heavens.

For more information on star-hopping, try these sites:

Star-Hopping at Astrocentral UK
Star-Hopping at Night Sky Info
Star-Hopping Described at Wikipedia

Star-Hopping Workshops for 2014 (None are scheduled, yet, for 2014).

PLEASE NOTE: These workshops presume that participants have a good fundamental knowledge of how to use their telescopes for observation. If you are a beginner or a first-time telescope user, please consider the Telescope Basics workshop instead, or visiting one of our Star Parties before enrolling in a Star-Hopping.

Call (816-587-9998) or e-mail ( for actual dates and times.

Then bring your telescope and prepare to be amazed!


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Updated 21 February 2014